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Ivan Polyakov, CEO, Interstate Corporation for Development, Deputy Chairman, the Russian-Chinese Business Council made a speech at the International Roundtable of Multinational Corporate Leaders
"Bishkek, Astana, and Omsk today can equally claim to be the leader, the city-center of business growth in the region and can function as Singapor in ASEAN, as Shanghai in SCO and in Songdo," - said CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov at the Business forum "Russia - ASEAN", which takes place within the St. Petersburg International economic Forum (SPIEF) of 2013

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Ivan Polyakov is a member of the Russian National of SCO Business Council

The Interstate Corporation of Development’s CEO Ivan Polyakov became a member of the Russian National of Business Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

On January 17, 2013 in Beijing (China), a meeting of the Board of the Business Council has been held. There discussed the prospects of expanding economic cooperation, the establishment of direct contacts and dialogue between the business and financial communities of the SCO-countries, the development of inter-regional economic cooperation and investment cooperation.

"The support of fair trading, the strengthening of business cooperation, the development of inter-regional economic and investment cooperation - these are the main areas of cooperation between business circles of the SCO-countries, and this is the way to ensure the growth of economic and social stability in this vast region," - said Sergey Katyrin, the President of the Russian National of the Business Council, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

The Business Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established on June 14, 2006 in Shanghai. SCO unites Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, China, and Uzbekistan.

SCO Business Council is an effective tool for implementation the potential of cooperation between the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

From the 1st of January, 2013 the President of Chamber of Commerce of the Kyrgyzstan Marat Sharshekeev became the SCO Business Council Chairman.


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