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- Development of Scientific-Industrial and High-Tech Cooperation in the CSTO Countries
Ivan Polyakov, CEO, Interstate Corporation for Development, Deputy Chairman, the Russian-Chinese Business Council made a speech at the International Roundtable of Multinational Corporate Leaders
"Bishkek, Astana, and Omsk today can equally claim to be the leader, the city-center of business growth in the region and can function as Singapor in ASEAN, as Shanghai in SCO and in Songdo," - said CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov at the Business forum "Russia - ASEAN", which takes place within the St. Petersburg International economic Forum (SPIEF) of 2013

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CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development, Vice Chairman of the National part of the SCO Business Council of the Russian Federation, Ivan Polyakov took part in the meeting of the 30th International Conference of law enforcement agencies to struggle against drug trafficking (IDEC - XXX).


"Today every country should understand its responsibility for an uncompromising struggle against drug trafficking and drug aggression, for ensuring the effective implementation of international projects for the control of drug trafficking. Among the priority of common tasks is the development and conducting of joint anti-drug operations. Russia has sufficient experience in this field. CSTO anti-drug activities and efforts bring serious effects. We also support the establishment of anti-drug interaction within the CSTO-NATO cooperation. This would be, in my opinion, really serious consolidating position and actions in response to the common, real, not mythical threats", - said Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech at IDEC - XXX.


"In conducting the joint international operations of anti-drug agencies one of the central tasks is to ensure the interaction of the various forces. We have developed a universal platform of secure digital mobile communication system HPIP that allows to create three-dimensional network of any architecture and capacity depending on the specific of regional conditions and requirements, which is compatible with a variety of communication protocols and standards", - said CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov.


The 30th Meeting of the International Conference of law enforcement agencies to struggle against drug trafficking was held on June, 5-7 2013 in Moscow. The conference was attended by heads of anti-drug agencies from more than 120 countries around the world, as well as heads and representatives of international organizations, including the UN, SCO and CSTO.


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