IDC Aims at
- Development of Scientific-Industrial and High-Tech Cooperation in the CSTO Countries
Ivan Polyakov, CEO, Interstate Corporation for Development, Deputy Chairman, the Russian-Chinese Business Council made a speech at the International Roundtable of Multinational Corporate Leaders
"Bishkek, Astana, and Omsk today can equally claim to be the leader, the city-center of business growth in the region and can function as Singapor in ASEAN, as Shanghai in SCO and in Songdo," - said CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov at the Business forum "Russia - ASEAN", which takes place within the St. Petersburg International economic Forum (SPIEF) of 2013

- Technologies

The Interstate Corporation of Development's Technological Solutions:


·         Monolithic piezoelectric filters in SMD package

Piezoelectric filters are intended for the oscillation spectrum suppression. The new development of monolithic piezoelectric filters of high order in a unified SMD package exceeds the world's best samples by a number of electrical parameters, including the squareness ratio, the value of the guaranteed attenuation, frequency range. Quartz, langasite and lithium tantalite are used as a piezoelectric material.


Development of new communications standards and protocols, advanced unmanned aircraft systems, including control and monitoring systems; investigation of mechanisms to transfer traditional communication networks, television and radio broadcasting into digital format; search for the tools to integrate the various operators into the whole system.

It is primarily focused on the development of open architecture of universal multiservice platform, built on the modular-functional principle that makes possible to introduce the one-type and unified in form factor, ideology and module equipment to different levels of communication networks under a single control system.


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