IDC Aims at
- Development of Scientific-Industrial and High-Tech Cooperation in the CSTO Countries
Ivan Polyakov, CEO, Interstate Corporation for Development, Deputy Chairman, the Russian-Chinese Business Council made a speech at the International Roundtable of Multinational Corporate Leaders
"Bishkek, Astana, and Omsk today can equally claim to be the leader, the city-center of business growth in the region and can function as Singapor in ASEAN, as Shanghai in SCO and in Songdo," - said CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov at the Business forum "Russia - ASEAN", which takes place within the St. Petersburg International economic Forum (SPIEF) of 2013

- The "ISOLATION/INTEGRATION" exhibition of Nariste Alieva

An artist, the author of the exhibition, Nariste Aliyeva and the member of the Board of Trustees of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, ICD CEO Ivan Polyakov
"The broken threads". Installation, 2011. Rice paper, felt, ink, linen
"The Dark Book", 2010, book, lens, oil
The author of the "ISOLATION / INTEGRATION" exhibition, an artist Nariste Aliyeva
Opening ceremony
Grand opening: (from left to right) Michael Mindlin (State Center for Contemporary Art), Sergey Demenskiy (ICD), Natalia Kosolapova (M'ARS), Nariste Aliyeva, Ivan Poliakov (ICD)
"Mutiny." Installation, 2011
"Pray to the spirits of the past." Acrylic on canvas, oil
"Over the Abyss of Time", 2010, video-poetic installation


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